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The Cookson's

Adaline & Roxie
The Linn's

Our sweet Adaline is so smart & brings so much joy and happiness to my family!  She was donated to my son with special needs.  Without any training she immediately started detecting seizures to alert us they were coming.  She love to be near my son and looks after him.  She is a wonderful dog!  We loved that Jenny kept us informed through the whole process & sent us pictures throughout the time Addie was growing.  We felt we already knew our girl by the time we picked her up.
(Review from FB)

The Lawhorn's
Greenville, NC

"We love Harley to pieces and can't imagine a day without him!  He loves playing with his big brother.  They get along so well and follow each other around everywhere they go! He is the best cuddle bug ever and gives the best kisses!  Thanks for everything!  He defintely has made our family complete!"

The Lumley's
Fayetteville, NC

My Husband and I are so thankful for our Oakley!  He is such an amazing dog and we appreciate how easy it was to work with Jenny.  She kept in touch and updated us on Oakley every step of the way.  When we decide to add another addition to the family I will definitely be coming back to Sweet Valley Goldendoodles!!  
(Review from FB)

The Tario's
Apex, NC

The Strother's
Cary, NC


The Jones' 

"Lovie has been in our family for two weeks but we can't remember a time without her.  She's sweet yet sassy, she loves to please but enjoys looking at you like your crazy.  Lovie has been sleeping with Lexi & Trace since night one and misses her kids when they are at school.  Our hearts are full & our family is complete!"

The Rooth's
Carrboro, NC

The Gilson's
Hampstead, NC

The Bright's
Lincolnton, NC

"I wanted to send you a few pics of our big girl.  She has turned out to truly be a sweetheart.  She's a snuggle bug.  She loves to eat shoes and go on nature walks with the kids.  We are working on house training and leash training.  She is doing great with crate training.  Luna is very playful and can fetch.  She has grown so much in just the two weeks we have had her.  Thanks again for giving us Luna.  She's awesome!!"

 The Glaeser's
 Eldersburg, MD

(with her sister Lovie)
The Olexy's
Raleigh, NC
(Lovie, Top & Lacy, bottom)
(Lovie, left & Lacy, right)

The Marburger's
Concord, NC

We received the greatest puppy from Sweet Valley Goldendoodles in 2014.  Our Callie girl is just the best!!  She is so smart, so loved and just can't get enough snuggles.  Our vet raves about her every time we are there and talks about how healthy and great she is!  We get  compliments about her demeanor and behavior all the time!  I don't think I'll ever own another dog breed.


The Overman's

  High Point, NC

They are such great puppies!  They have transitioned into our home and into our family so easily and we have all fallen in love with them.  They are so smart, well behaved and are adjusting incredibly well.   This past Thursday I took them for their vet appointment and they both acted as if they were visiting their best friends!   Everyone on staff at the Vet’s office fell in love with them both and we all just watched them play for what seemed like the longest time.   The both received glowing checks from their exams, are healthy and even the Vet commented on how healthy they were and what a great job you did with their immunizations and d-worming.   We brought him home on Saturday, immediately took him out to show him his “Spot”, have kept him on a schedule and I’m just amazed at how easy it’s been to house train him.  Willow and Winston are both doing amazingly well at the house training.   I’m simply amazed that at 9 weeks old they are almost house trained and sitting on command.   I have to say that they are by far the smartest, sweetest and just well mannered puppies that I’ve ever had the chance to spend time with.  I absolutely adore them!  Oh, and let me not forget their interactions with our family cat, Jake.   Jake is a bit old and doesn’t like change very much, but even he has warmed up to them.  They love to ‘taunt’ and ‘play’ with him and he just watches in amusement.  They are all just too cute together.  

 I just wanted you to know how well they are doing, how much we love them and thank you for being the breeder that you are – it’s clear that they start in a loving home, surrounding by love and an environment that sets the stage for them as they grow.  

Thanks again!

Kelsey Byrd
Odum, GA

(She's in the back with her sister up front)
The Lawson's
Hampstead, NC

Gene Carnes
Tuscaloosa, AL

The Eckenroth's
Clemmons, NC

Our Baby
Fort Valley, VA

The Regal's
Greensboro, NC

 "Hi Jennifer, good to hear from you. Oliver is a very happy and fun loving dog. We are all crazy about him. By the way, he is so smart!  Thank you for him, he will be well cared for!"


The Marlett's
Boone, NC

 "Here is a recent one of Toby and Hannah. He is the best dog we have ever had. He loves the snow and wants to be outside all of the time. He is great around kids and other dogs. He is totally potty trained and is starting to learn to sit, stay and come on demand. We are so happy with him. Thank you so much Jenny!"





                    The Morrisette's

                     Greensboro, NC   


"As for Dunkin, he is great.  He looks very shaggy sheik with long wavy black and gray mixed hair.  Everyone loves him.  He has a great disposition."









The Millar's

Matthews, NC




The Parmiter's 

Statesville, NC


   "We are crazy in love with Molly.  She is so sweet!"                     







The Clark's

Fuquay Varina, NC



                        The Page's 

                     Charlotte Hall, MD


The Om's

Winston-Salem, NC 



                The Harmon's

                          Charlotte, NC 



The Brown's
Charlotte, NC



The Bolton's

Columbia, SC 

"Just wanted to share some pictures of Lucy. She had her shots last week and the vet said she looks great and is quite big for her age.  She gets along so well with everyone especially our 6 yr old lab/hound mix.  They have become fast friends.  Anyway, we couldn't be happier with Lucy.  She is perfect!  Will continue to send pics as she grows."





The Kosek's

Charlotte, NC

 "We want to give you an update on little Eli.  He is just the most amazing pup!  He is so smart... he figured out the doggie door after only 4 days, and now loves to race from the den, out to the screened porch, through the doggie door to the fenced back yard, then back in again.  

Since the weather has been nice, we've been able to leave the door to the screened porch open a lot.  He will be playing or snoozing (his two favorite activities), then get up, trot outside through the doggie door, relieve himself in the yard, then come back in.... all by himself!  In fact it has been 5 days since he has had an accident in the house.  (we have no illusions that the housebreaking battle has been won, but it's certainly a GREAT start).  He seems so well-adjusted... he'll go wandering off by himself, and we'll find him exploring, or just playing, or just taking a nap.  He loves everybody, other dogs, and our cats.   In short, we couldn't be happier with him. A Thank you so much."


                    Bex & Crew

Salisbury, NC


The Smith's

Pittsboro, NC







The White's

Mathews, NC

I highly recommend Sweet Valley Goldendoodles.  I currently have an almost 6 year old, 95 lb black goldendoodle and he is the most amazing dog I've ever had!! 

(Review from FB)


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