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Charlie & Lucy
The Conover's
Harmony, NC

Big Red Dog
The Caines'
Ashland, KY

The Ledbetter's
Waxhaw, NC

We drove from NC to VA to pick up our Annie from Sweet Valley Goldendoodles.  The process was simple and Jenny was very patient with all of my new fur Mom questions, haha.  We fall in love with our Annie more each day!!  She has brought lots of love and laughter to our family.  What a wonderful breed!
(Review from FB)

Patricia Wyatt

Cara Mossman
Raleigh, NC

The Steffenson's
Fuquay-Varina, VA

I did a ton of research when looking for a puppy to add to our family.  I came across Sweet Valley Goldendoodles and just knew this was the breeder for us!  We added Granger to our family this past May and she has been so amazing!  So well behaved and just perfect in every way!
(Review from FB)

The Wolfe's
Raleigh, NC

The Hoard's
Birch, WV

The Dennison's
Birch, WV

The Lenhart's
Waxhaw, NC

The Hoy's
Concord, NC

The Wilson's
Charlotte, NC

The Wiles'
Lewisville, NC

The Murphy's
Raleigh, NC

The Ellsworth's
Raleigh, NC

The Berry's
Darlington, SC
 Above; Tucker is hanging with his uncle, Winston (silver phantom) and other relatives.  

The Palmer's
Greensboro, NC

The Harlow's
Troutville, VA

The Holman's
Alexandria, VA


Maisie & Reacher

The Selby's

Mount Pleasant, SC


Daisy Mae  & Scarlett Noel             
The McDonald's
Harrisonburg, VA

Just love our Scarlett Noel, we did not realize there was an empty spot in our hearts that she filled so perfectly.  Jenny was so great to work with, I will be back when we are ready for a sister or brother for our little red girl! 
(Review from FB  and as you can see they came back for a sister!! )

The Baker's
Mount Crawford, VA

Austyn Tabor
Goldsboro, NC

The Easler's
Raleigh, NC
Stephan & Anne
Cary, NC
We are so thankful to have bought Layla from Sweet Carolina Doodles!!  She is doing wonderful, visiting puppy kindergarten classes once a week, playing with the neighbors children and meeting other dog friends.  She immediately felt fine at her new home and does so well!  Recently we went to Florida with her so she got to see the beach for the first time (sand and pavement weren't hot by the time we took her outside, so her paws were safe)  She really liked the sand to dig in and was curios about the ocean.  She has such a well balanced nature.  Things couldn't be better!  Thank you again and affectionate regard from Cary, NC.

Willa & Freya

The Cano's

Fayetteville, NC 


The Gherardi's

Huntersville, NC 


Hannah & Joe

Lexington, NC


The Watt's

Tampa, FL 

 "We made it back to Tampa.  Lacy is adjusting well in her new home.  She is sooooo sweet and loving.  She is a very smart puppy.  I have already taught her how to sit.  We have a older blind dog and Lacy is so sweet to her leading in along... I don't know how you did the potty training but she is already trained.  You did good.  Here are a few pictures, hope you enjoy.  Thanks for taking good care of her."  

Reese Cup

The Turner's 

Valdese, NC


The McGinnis'

Rock Hill, SC 


The Blanton's

Whispering Pines, NC

"Everyone loves Nori, she is the sweetest, most gentle soul I've ever known. Our vet and groomer are both extremely impressed by her and say she is a quality bred dog. She's the perfect addition to our home!

Thank you!"


The Edward's

Kinston, NC 


The Baker's
Laurel Springs, NC

 "Just wanted to update you! Oakley is such a love bug! He constantly cuddles his momma!  He is so smart...we've had the potty training down for a while now, he'll bring me his bowl when it's time to eat, he responds to sit, come & he'll high five! He is ALWAYS happy...that sweet tail wags non-stop! He loves playing outside, especially digging holes & chewing on sticks...he gets baths quite often & he just sits there! He loves his little sister Lily....she loves him back, but on her terms! Haha He has the sweetest personality...loves everyone! & everyone loves him! He sleeps on the floor or on his bed right beside our bed & I wake up to his sweet kisses every morning! He just pops up on the side of the bed when the alarm goes off. He LOVES squeaky toys & anything that makes noise...we sometimes hear these at 4 am. Haha We LOVE him so much!" 


The Rohletter's 

China Grove, NC





The Peer's

Walkertown, NC


"Brodee is growing so fast (28.5 lbs) and doing great! I just can't get over how smart he is! He is the best puppy, we are so glad he is ours!"

 "I have a permanent puppy induced smile on my face!"


Miss Lucy & Miss 


The Wright's

Clemmons, NC



The Hazelett's

Culloden, WV 


"Jetta is doing great here in West Virginia and growing like a weed!!!  Let's see.... she is 12 weeks old and pushing 25lbs.  She has made friends with all of the neighbors and LOVES to "ride bikes" with the girls and their friends.  Jetta has done very well with children.  We took her to the church Easter egg hunt last weekend and she let all the kids love all over her!  My girls could not be happier with her!!  I must say she is one of the most relaxed puppies I have ever seen.  Of course, she does the normal puppy play but for the most part she just hangs out with the family.  We are looking forward to our first camping trip with her on Memorial Day.  I hope you enjoy the pics.  I will make an effort to send more regularly:)  It was great meeting you and your family.  Thanks for a great addition to our family!"




Patrick Bowles

Raleigh, NC

 "Jenny, sorry it has been so long.  I have taken some pictures but not as many as I wanted to.  I am still not sure how you got him to stay still long enough to take those pictures.  He is fully of energy most of the time!    Everyone that sees him says he is very cute and handsome.  He looks like a different dog after his first grooming.  Most people think he is a labradoodle with his coloring.  He is growing so quickly that my neighbors ask me what I am feeding him.  Just this weekend, he seems to have finally caught on to making noise with the bell on the door to let me know he needs to go out to potty.  Before that, I was taking him out about every 1.5 hrs when he wasn't crated.  I think I will soon be able to keep him crated all day while I am at work.  He has done well with the training and hasn't messed up in the house (that I know of) in several weeks."




The Quance's

Hope Mills, NC


Darla Moon

The Boykin's

Indian Trail, NC 

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