Health Care

Health Care Guarantee 

Buyer: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________


Breed: _______________________________ Sex: _____ Date of Birth ________________

Color: ________________   Price: ___________ Purchase Date & Time: _________________

Dam: __________________________________________________________________

Sire: ___________________________________________________________________

  • If this puppy is at any time found to be neglected or maintenance of health is not being met then this contract is null and void.

  • The Breeder makes no guarantee to color of puppy.  Some puppies will change in color as they get older

  • The Breeder cannot be held responsible for Veterinarian bills once the puppy has been released into the new owner's care.

  • You have 72 HOURS to take this puppy to the Veterinarian of your choice to get a Well Health Exam.  If your Vet finds a problem that is or could be life threatening, the buyer will obtain a certified letter from your vet explaining the diagnosis, as well as the prognosis.  The diagnosis also has to be confirmed by our vet.  If this is the case we will give you another puppy as soon as one becomes available.  The puppy you purchased must be returned to us immediately or if in death, an autopsy report stating the cause of death to be the fault of the breeder.

  • Your puppy has been started on his/her vaccinations.  It is the buyer's responsibility to keep all vaccinations and preventive medicines up to date on this puppy.

  • The Buyer agrees that he/she is ready for the commitment of their new puppy and agrees to take the proper responsibilities in caring for the puppy

  • The Breeder does guarantee the puppy you purchased is healthy.


                                               We hope you enjoy your new puppy as much as we have!!!


Buyer's Signature: _______________________________________________________ 

Date: ____________

Breeder's Signature: ______________________________________________________

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